The DIOS ("Doing It Our Selves", also Spanish for "God") Business Loan Enterprise is an opportunity for young Black men and women who are current graduating seniors from any high school within the 9 Bay Area Counties to access capital to support the launch of their businesses. Inspired by a deep belief and confidence in the innovation and sensitivity to consumer pulse that our youth naturally possess, DIOS will award four entrepreneurs a zero-interest loan of $4000 to explore and expand these gifts.

DIOS is rooted in the understanding that access to capital factors heavily into the materialization of a business idea and our young people represent communities that have been historically denied such access. Also factoring heavily, is the necessary support for the incubation of a start-up business. In addition to the loan, a structure will be built around the entrepreneur cohort to educate, to sharpen, to further develop business models, skills, and networks conducive to long-term success and sustainability. This structure will consist of the following elements and more:

  • Connection with a business leader in the industry the entrepreneur seeks to enter
  • Support with developing their business plans
  • Monthly seminars with business leaders speaking on relevant aspects of business
  • Access to online business courses via www.theblackbusinessschool.com

Deadline: April 6th, 11:59pm PST


For more information about the DIOS Business Loan Enterprise please contact Deen Hasaan at dhasaan@marcusfoster.org.