1. How do I get my money?

Please refer to the "GET YOUR MONEY" section on the scholarship page. Once you've completed those steps you can expect to receive your scholarship money within 3 - 4 weeks. If there are any additional documents needed we will be contacting you through email so make sure to check it regularly.

2. When can I expect my money?

Once you've completed all the steps listed in the "GET YOUR MONEY" section you can expect to receive your scholarship money within 3 - 4 weeks. 

3. I was awarded a scholarship but haven't heard anything or received the money.

Check your email! We communicate to applicants and scholarship awardees through email only. If at any point you change your email, make sure you notify us ASAP at

4. I missed a deadline, what can I do?

Contact us ASAP. In order to avoid missing deadlines, make sure you constantly check the email account you provided us with when you first applied to our scholarship - that is where we will be sending time sensitive information.

5. Do I have to be full time to receive my scholarship money?

Yes. However, students planning on being full time in the near future can defer their scholarship money before the fall deadline. Deferring your scholarship means that we will hold your scholarship money for you for up to 1 year until you are full time again.



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