A Message To 2017 Grads


We believe in you.

We trust you to answer the question that puzzles us, cure the disease that plagues us, fix the problem that hinders us, remove the barrier that blocks us, simplify the issue that frustrates us, build a bridge over the troubled water that separates us, give the love that connects us, speak the truth that frees us, tell the story that represents us, create the art that reminds us, be the light that leads us, be the force that drives us, the rock that supports us, the hands that lift us, be the shield that covers us and the sword that protects us, the spirit that inspires us. We believe in you, that you can do all of this because you are already all of this, and you are all that we have ever been, and all that we will ever be. Just the way you are. Be the best you, so we can be the best us.


Yours Truly, 




Alicia Dixon