RESET Youth Social Impact . . . Pitch for Change!

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August 1, 2019

Last Thursday, August 1, 2019, a group of 50 youth started the morning with a plan . . . a plan to change their community. RESET, a Youth Social Impact Pitch Event, was held at the California Endowment Center in Oakland and drew community members, local business representatives and a wide range of supporters that came to witness the innovative ideas of scholars that Marcus Foster Education Institute supports. Seven teams worked diligently from morning to afternoon to conceive, design and pitch a business idea with social impact. Each team was paired with a volunteer coach that had some experience with the pre-identified areas of interest, but this was no ordinary sport event. These young people were charged with making a difference in their communities and developing a real-life solution to implement during the next year! Funding for the winning team and solution was generously donated by Wells Fargo Philanthropy and Community Relations Department, whom also provided financial budget coaches for the event. Additional funding was provided by Kaiser Permanente.

To prepare youth to be the next innovators, MFEI believes social justice strategies need to have a systems-focus and connect youth to Resources, People/Ideas and Power. Youth “Activators” work collectively in groups based on self-reported passions to research data, review resources/tools and design/develop plans of action. RESET gives students the opportunity to facilitate youth-designed and implemented solutions to community challenges. The event supports opportunities for young people to engage in civic and socially elevated projects within their communities. Youth “Activators” work collectively in groups based on self-reported passions to research data, review resources/tools and design/develop plans of action.

Attendees had the fortune of hearing from students, as well as a coach from winning teams of the last 2 years before heading into the afternoon home stretch. But a “winners” panel wasn’t the only inspiring afternoon treat; during the lunch break, smoothies were served up by an 8-year-old entrepreneur! Dmir Smoothies provided guests with a “pick-me-up” for their minds and bodies (talk about GOALS).

With 2 minutes to deliver, the pitches were fast and furious (and sometimes funny). Each team made their case and judges were given only one clarifying question per team. Ideas emerged regarding access to mental health services and support, volunteerism in high school, medical translators/navigators from communities of color, and so much more.

The day was made special by a number of supporters including Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, the team coaches, our four judges, our esteemed speakers and panelists, floating coaches, staff and volunteers. We also appreciate Jordon’s Culinary Creations and Dmir Smoothies for providing sustenance to get our scholars and guests through the day.

The Winning Team: Youth Tech . . . . . Congratulations!!!!!!

RESET is one facet of W+P+X. W+P=X is designed to help students center their career goals and life passions as the primary motivator for college completion. The program provides students with career, college and life coaching and other opportunities to equip them to influence change in their communities, and reach their X, the “Unknown Factor” or the future students seek to create for themselves.

For more information on how to get involved, contact us today!

Alicia Dixon