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With stories from over 40 years of scholarship awards, data, and lessons learned from our systems change initiatives, MFEI launched W+P=X in 2016 to tap into students’ career aspirations and motivations for change to support their college persistence.

W+P=X represents the equation that connects the dots between career ideation, career exposure opportunities and the completion of degree and certificate granting academic programs.


Whether a student’s career interests lie in the arts, the sciences or both, chances are their life success is determined by how well equipped and supported they are to solve the equation. Moreover, with the substantial disruptors to the traditional U.S. economy, partially precipitated by technology, it is critically important that diverse students are represented in the public and private sectors, including entrepreneurs. Many of our scholars have a clear vision for their path to achieve their college and career goals. Family, community and school affirm and spur them on; however all too many encounter barriers in this pursuit, and their environments provide limited aspirational or tangible engagement to support their critical thinking about this next phase of their life.



What does a student aspire to do — to become: a teacher, mechanic, activist, entrepreneur, sculptor, engineer or doctor?



The Unknown Factor is the life students seek to create for themselves. Whether or not they have a clear image of their future self, the sum of their W+P largely determines how, and the degree to which they realize their life goals.


What degree or training program motivates students to work hard, sacrifice and see support so they can complete and realize the vision they hold for themselves?





The impact of the initiative relies on strong partnerships with industry and institutions. MFEI is currently seeking RESET sponsorship and ongoing collaboration to offer scholars the following:

  • A podcast and live digital workshop series on student-driven topics with experts in conversation with college students
  • Industry-placed internships in health, tech, policy and business 
  • Financial education tools and resources
  • An online hub via Salesforce for scholars to engage and interact with each other
  • W+P=X App to launch at RESET Vol. 3 

W+P=X is continuing to build on the opportunities available for scholars each year and build systems change partnerships to realize both the individual and regional impact of our approach. Each August before heading to college, newly awarded scholars are engaged through our signature RESET event. RESET connects students with local industry professionals and their peers to network, tap into their strengths and passions, explore career options and ideate on possible solutions for change.





Please contact Arianna Morales at if you are interested in a W+P=X partnership or sponsoring a RESET event.